Modern and technologically advanced dental practice

The Stamerra Dental Practice while remaining stable at the same address, over the years has evolved and updated to offer to our patients the best technology.

For this reason we have equipped ourselves with digital X-ray equipment that minimize irradiation , a modern and safe air conditioning system and reliable sterilization equipment, magnifying devices for more precise treatments and led lamps for professional dental whitening.

Our Staff

Continuous training at prestigious Italian universities

Dott.ssa Claudia Stamerra Dentista

Dr. Claudia Stamerra

dentist - master in prosthetics, master in periodontology

Dottor Emilio Stamerra Dentista

Dr. Emilio Stamerra

DMS - Dentist

Dr. Carla Evangelista

Dentist Specialist in Orthodontics

Dottor Lorenzo Robba

Dr. Lorenzo Robba

DMS - dentist

Dottor Francesco Pera

Prof. Francesco Pera

DDS - dentist - specialist in immediate loading implantology

Andrea Ottonello Odontotecnico

Andrea Ottonello


Carlo Trinella Odontotecnico

Carlo Trinello & Feliciano Maggi


Prima visita dentistica gratis

The first visit is always FREE and without obligation!

Call us at +39 0183 275377

Call us at
+39 0183 275377